Nadia Williams

I have had many years of experience in both retail and fitness centre management and have had a long-held interest in physical fitness and natural therapies.

I started competing in bodybuilding competitions in 1991 and prior to that I used to play competition squash, teach “aerobics” classes and have practised several different martial arts over the years.

One of my main reasons for working in the fitness industry was to encourage people to treat their bodies better as the body we are born with is the only one we will ever have! 

This is also the reason that I am so interested in natural therapies.  I believe that we can be pro-active with extending our life and improving the quality of our life with a combination of self-care, a healthy diet and regular exercise.  There are so many natural therapies that can help prevent or shorten the span of illnesses that do not have side effects like traditional medicine tends to do.

My many years of weight training (both myself and clients) as well as a certificate in Swedish massage has provided an ideal background to become a technician for most of the ancillary therapies we provide such as radial shockwave, medical laser, and Metascan – a total body composition scan.

I had been a patient of this clinic since I was referred to Ces in 2005 when I moved to Brisbane from the Gold Coast by a patient who said he was able to avoid back surgery after being treated by Ces. I liked the clinic (and all it had to offer) so much that I took up the position of General Manager of Vital Life Centres in October 2017.

I love helping people so being able to help people improve their health is the most satisfying part for me.