DR CES FRANKS, Registered Chiropractor 

I am a chiropractor more by design than choice. My interest and ultimate involvement in Naturopathic were a sequence of events that came from lateral thinking.

This is my story:

I grew up in the era when a child could be taken from school when 13 years of age as long as Year 8 was finished by long distance education. When I was 13 and a half years of age, this was my lot.

I lived in the desert in tents until I was 16 years of age. At 18 years of age, I left my hometown, came to Brisbane and went to night school, then University, then to a Seminary in Sydney. Because I had to work to enable me to study, both discipline and commitment were woven into my life.

I had decided I wanted to understand the meaning of God and this led me onto a path in America, and a Doctorate in Divinity with a major in Comparative Religion and Psychology. I became a psychologist which I enjoyed and have retained a deep interest in the effect of emotions on life and health.

During my time a s a psychologist, I began a study of Biomechanics. It was during this time that a parachute accident seriously injured my lumbar spine. I was back riding a motor bike and working as a psychologist before I could walk unaided. During this last phase of recovery, I was riding home after finishing a shift at midnight, when someone with half a brain shone a spotlight onto my face which resulted in me riding into a
concrete wall.

The months recovering from this injury were used finishing off my study in Biomechanics. A couple of years before this, I had also started a course in Osteopathy in the United States and completed it at the NSW College of Osteopathic Science. The overlap of study had been very useful in understanding my injuries and assisted recovery.

My interest in Naturopathy came from a different direction. I had never given a lot of thought to diet until one day, driving past a big fruit and vegetable barn on their opening day, there was such a large crowd of people that I asked myself the question: “why would so many people be interested in fresh fruit and vegetables?” This question led me to the study of Naturopathy. The question of pain control led me to study Acupuncture which led me to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, which led to a study of Western herbs.

Eventually I started in private practice. Biomechanics wasn’t an understood practice in Australia, so my fields of practice were Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Acupuncture. To complete this concept, I undertook formal studies in Feldenkrais Posture and exercises. In the 1970’s, Australians were not very interested in doing self-help exercises. Forty years later, there is a better percentage of people more likely to be involved in self-help exercises, however, lifestyle changes in attitude to food and general eating patterns have affected about the same percentage of people who would engage in self-help, so we are back to where I started from.

The greatest attitude to health and well-being is expressed in lifestyle; this involves how we manage stress, how we manage and develop our attitude to life and to others, and especially our attitude to ourselves. The foods we eat and the exercise we do have a huge impact on our health. So self-help begins with Self. Professional help is your support when necessary. Finding the professional you need takes research and often word-of-mouth. My field of experience is in Biomechanics and the principles of Naturopathic medicine in the balance and support of health. Spine and mind are interwoven in the total outcome of how we recover and manage both injury and health problems.

In the pursuit of knowledge, Dr Franks has completed formal studies in Australia, the United States of America, China, England, Italy, Prague and Ukraine.