Like most people in the industry, health problems of my own led me to look at natural ways to fix things.

One of my sisters owned a natural therapies oriented business at the time, massage being one of the modalities offered, so i guess that's where the original idea came from to be a massage therapist. I enrolled in a Diploma of Remedial Massage Course found that I had a talent for it and I enjoyed it and that has resulted in where I am today.

Specific interest in Natural Therapies:

Reiki, Energy Medicine and the mind/body connection

Specializing in cervical, lumbar and pelvic issues.

Structural Alignment and Injury Rehabilitation.

Helping people integrate core strength into their daily lives.


  • Dipolma of Remedial Massage
  • Certificate II in Reiki, 2 years experience
  • Have worked for 14 years at the Vital Life Centres