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Our modern society filled with toxins and highly processed foods can lead us to become mineral deficient and accumulate toxins including heavy metals with in the body. Heavy metal toxicity can result in poor energy, reduced organ function and in chronic or long term exposure it can lead to neuro degenerative conditions life Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. The OligoScan here at Vital Life Centre Scarborough can quickly and easily detect if you are deficient in any minerals or have high levels of toxins.


Live Blood Analysis is used in conjunction with our naturopathic services to help detect the cause of imbalances or disorders.

A drop of blood is taken via a sterile pin prick test and then viewed using a specialised microscope projected onto a computer screen, so you are able to visually see your bloody while the practitioner explains the findings. Some conditions that can be indicated by Live Blood Analysis are:

Immune system problems, Poor nutrition, Inflammation, Liver Health.


The foot comprises of 26 bones and 2 sesamoids all congruently working together to maintain support and stability for the upper structures, if the foot is misaligned then the whole structure will be compromised and often soft tissues will compensate and cause distortion of the spine, hips and knees.  If you are an athlete, growing child, born with flat feet or just have unexplained pain in your feet, knees and lower back, make an appointment today to be assessed for Orthotics.


Characterised by persisting or relapsing debilitating fatigue for at least 6 months in the absence of any other definable diagnosis.  Symptoms of CFS may include depression, hypotension, weight loss or gain and inability to ensure stress.  Natural modalities can help balance hypothalamic pituitary-adrenal areas which can help balance low cortisol levels and adrenal insufficiency.