Have you heard?! Vital Life Centre at Scarborough now has a state of the art SHOCKWAVE THERAPY MACHINE!! We couldn’t be more excited!

Radial Shockwave Therapy (R-SWT) has been shown to help with accelerated healing, improvement of metabolism and blood circulation and ultimately, reduced pain. High energy acoustic waves are emitted to painful areas in the body. These then promote regeneration and repair of bones, tendons and other soft tissues. It can be used to treat sub-acute and chronic pain.

Conditions that may benefit from shockwave therapy include:

-shoulder pain
-tension headaches
-plantar fasciitis
-tennis elbow
-muscle spasms
-and many more!

In general, each session lasts 10-15 minutes, depending on the severity of the condition, and 6-10 sessions could be needed in weekly intervals. You could be FEELING the amazing results in as little as four sessions! So don't wait. Life is too good to miss on enduring pain. Call us today for a consultation to see if Radial Shockwave Therapy could help you.